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2024 Graduate Recoginition 

​On May 19, 2024, Tabitha Baptist Church will honor its members graduating from universities, colleges, and high schools during our 10:00am Morning Worship Experience. Graduates are asked to submit their profile and upload a video by May 15, 2024. 
Graduate videos will be available for members to view beginning May 17, 2024.  Additionally, members/guests will be able to make financial contributions to graduates via CashApp, or at the “Gifting our Graduates” reception that will be held immediately following morning worship on May 19, 2024.

To submit your profile and video, please following the instructions below.

Profile Submission Instructions

  1. Please complete the form below in its entirety.

Video Submission Instructions

  1. In a quiet place, orient your phone horizontally to record your video using the following script.  After you have recorded your video, please upload it below. 

    SCRIPT: Greetings! My name is (State Your Name), and I am a 2024 graduate of (State Your High School or University).  On (State the Date of Your Graduation), I received my (High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Juris Doctorate, or Ph.D.) in (If you are a college student, state your major).  My future plans are (state your future plans).

    Sample Video (Please note that Tabitha will add music and graphics to your video.)


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