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Our History 

On January 3, 1943, 27 children and 12 adults attended the first Sunday School of the Tabernacle Mission.  Sunday School was held in neighborhood homes.  On September 19, 1948, a group of ministers from New Hope Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Green Pastures, Calvary Baptist Church, and Bethlehem Star Baptist Church met with Rev. E. W. Perry, Chairman, and Rev. J. C. West, Secretary, for the purpose of organizing the Mission into a church.  The Council moved that the Tabernacle Mission become an independent church.  After presentation of the covenant of the Baptist Church and the adoption of the 18 Articles of Faith, Tabitha Baptist church was organized.  On the day of organization, the doors of the church were opened and three members were added to the congregation.


In 1958 under the leadership of Rev. J. M. Albritton, Tabitha built a new edifice, which housed a kitchen and balcony and seated approximately 400 people.  This building is now the Rev. J.M. Albritton Fellowship Hall.  In 1980 under the leadership of Rev. Eddie Baker a new sanctuary was added which seats approximately 800 with the choir roster included.  Rev. Baker pastored Tabitha until 1988 when he resigned the position.  In November 1991, Rev. J. L. Mitchell was called as pastor of Tabitha.

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